We are hiring!

Postdoc Position: The Castagner Lab at McGill University in Montreal is looking for a postdoc with bio-organic chemistry experience for a CIHR-funded project involving the design and synthesis polyanionic molecules for the inhibition of scavenger receptors in collaboration with Dr. Paul Kubes (see Zindel et al., Science 2021, 371, eabe0595). Applicant should have a PhD in chemistry and synthesis experience, ideally in carbohydrate, or nucleic acids. Please submit your CV with a cover letter to Dr. Bastien Castagner (bastien.castagner@mcgill.ca)

Planned Start  Date & End Date:  May 1st, 2023- April 30th, 2024 (with the possibility of renewal)

Get together(ish) – Part II

So we had to split into two groups on two different days, but we could finally meet again! It was great to congratulate Kulsum and Alexia on their graduation, welcome Hannah, Shiva, Arrani, Justin, and Raphaël to the group, and celebrate funding successes. And yes, we now have matching picnic blankets in the Castagner Lab 😎

The 2021 team from left to right: Kulsum Tai, Justin Meneses, Raphaël Bolteau, Rebecca Cummer, Lharbi Dridi, Alexia Piercey, Suraya Yasmine, Olivia Lui, Hannah Billings, Shiva Jazestani, Arrani Thambimuthu, and Reilly Pidgeon.

CIHR Funding

We are delighted that our CIHR applications have been funded. We wish to express our gratitude to the reviewing panels and to CIHR to have kept the spring 2020 competition alive despite the COVID-19 crisis. This crucial funding will allow us to explore microbiota-targeted therapies against cancer and fight C. difficile infection.